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Visionary at the Helm

Dr. Thomas Alexander
Chief Executive Director

Dr. Thomas Alexander, the name synonymous to the growth and success story of Al Adrak. He has been the founder and investor at its inception 28 years ago, the visionary and mentor for its transformation from a small group to an advanced engineering flagship, and currently steering the firm to its mission at its helm as the Chief Executive Director. The vision and mission set by Dr. Alexander were quite common to everyone i.e., growth, success and money. But, it was quite distinct and appealing on the way he became successful and how he utilized the benefits of success to serve and inspire a vibrant thinking group of colleagues.

He had left behind the conventional concepts of entrepreneurship and business development, and got hold of his strong principles on relationship, commitment and trust in nurturing his organization. He developed strong relationship with his colleagues and developed a sense of togetherness and belongingness among them. He emphasized and imparted the value of his principles to his colleagues and the whole team speaks and acts loud the power of commitment and trust, which is truly and solely the thrust for Al Adrak, propelling it to higher altitudes of success.

His virtue of commitment to clients, vendors, bankers and colleagues on delivering the promises had cleared the way for building a strong relationship based on trust and reliance, and they have been the unofficial ambassadors for Al Adrak's mission all these years. His business model has always been admired in the industry and was quite impossible to recreate or follow upon, with the current trend of hire and fire policy in the job market. His focus on the market is primarily to engage the current resources to its maximum utilization and to ensure job satisfaction to his team. This model of employee oriented business development had gifted him with a rare collection of highly motivated and performing colleagues, spending their long and fruitful career spans with Al Adrak, some even since its inception. It has helped Al Adrak assert an impressive growth rate of 40% year over year with the current annual turnover at $350 million.



Over a span of 28 years, Al Adrak engineered the construction and delivery of projects on various sectors in line with nation building initiatives across the length and breadth on the country.

Education - Universities, Colleges, Training Institutes, Schools
Health - Hospitals, Primary Clinics
Ministry Building & government establishment - Headquarters, Regional headquarters, Wali Offices
Defence / ROP - Military Training College, Training School, Police Complexes, Special Task Force Complexes
Communication - Data Centers, IT Communication Infrastructure
Banking - Vault Facilities, Security Facilities
Commercial - Multi-storied Mutli-use Commercial Spaces at land mark locations including Showrooms
Tourism - Hotels, Restaurants and Apartments
Industrial - Workshops, Warehouses, Factories
Scientific - Laboratories, Research Centers
Sports - Stadiums, Indoor Multi-use Sports Halls, Olympic Standard Swimming Pools, Race Tracks


Fully equipped to undertake the Design, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of all types of electro mechanical works for various sectors and applications.

Electrical - Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Building Services, Lighting Solutions, Security Solutions, IT Solutions, Instrumentation Controls, BMS and SCADA
Mechanical - Plumbing Services, STPs, RO Plants, Fire Prevention Services, Water Distribution Networks, Irrigation Networks, Elevator Systems
HVAC - District Cooling Plants, Chiller Plants, ET Stations, VRF/VRV and Stand-alone Air Conditioning Systems


Roads ▪ Bridges ▪ Dams ▪ Culverts ▪ Water Channels ▪ Water Distribution Pipe Lines

Special purpose

Airports ▪ Tier IV Data Centers ▪ Luxury Hotels ▪ Hospitals

EPC Projects

Feasibility Study ▪ Concept Design ▪ Detailed Design ▪ Construction ▪ Maintenance and Operations of Facilities on turn key basis

Operations Chart

Key Personnel

Sheik Naman


Every department in the company is one part of an integrated unit. Equal efficiency is required to achieve the overall goal of this establishment. Our mission is to work as one swarm overlooking the nationality and the background of each other's. We have to maintain our links to be strong and undefeatable. We as well have to pave the way for each of us as one member of one family to enhance the aim we are all working for. No one is big or small among us; we all are on the same ship and in order.

Abdullah Hamdan Al Farsi

DGM Administration & Internal

The major faculties and man power of Al Adrak consistsof our nationals along with Indian nationalities. The harmonised juncture of the administrative and legal department has its own unique co-actions, which efficiently manages the affairs of the employees and the work force. The workforce at site consists of various than 2500 employees in this com pany. The founder of this company and all the personnel are hope to cope up with the national laws of Sultanate of Oman, which has been very much cordial for the smooth running of this huge venture.

Aadil Thomas

Director Assets

Al Adrak has been Aadil Thomas Alexander's family since birth. After his Civil Engineering education, he joined the company in 2012. Aadil currently heads the Assets department along with PMV sector. He regularly travels to international destinations to learn the latest developments in construction technology first hand.

As the company is growing the assets owned by the company are also increasing proportionately. Focusing on asset management is therefore imperative, for maximizing utility. Efficiency and Effectiveness are being monitored for each of these assets and Task Teams have been formed to collect and the analyse usage data for optimum use of these assets. Maintaining the assets is another challenge. Regular preventive maintenance is required to enhance the life of the assets like plants & machinery, vehicles, etc. Yet another challenge faced is the allocation of the required equipment, machinery, plants, transportation, etc. at the right time for the works to progress at site.

In his spare time, Aadil enjoys movies and outings with his friends.

Annie Thomas

Director Audits

Al Adrak has been part all through Annie's life. Officially, she joined the company in 2011 after graduating with a civil engineering degree from NIT Calicut. She was part of the mechanical workshop management first and then in transport, facilities management and general admin before taking over as director of audits.

Since the present market is very competitive, cost control has got a significant role to play in the survival of the company. This can be achieved by the planned and careful usage of materials and other resources. The Minimum Wastage goal is being achieved with the self-motivated team of auditors, led by Annie, who research the usage of these resources by collecting and analyzing data from the sites to derive the best solutions which are then implemented at sites. Currently, the company is building a strong culture of multiple levels of audit throughout the system.

In the little free time that she can manage, Annie enjoys reading, traveling and watching movies.

Vivek Joseph

Director Infrastructure

Specializing in Transportation Systems Engineering for his Masters degree after a Civil Engineering bachelors, Vivek Joseph joined Al Adrak in 2011 as the Director of Infrastructure. With 8 years experience in Highway Design & Construction, Vivek manages the quarries, crushing units and heavy machinery of the company. He was also involved in the creation of the exemplary Al Adrak head office.

The project teams for handling the infrastructure projects have been put in place for the last few years. The Company has invested a lot in the resources and the facilities required for handling the infrastructure projects.

Happily married to Annie Thomas Alexander, Vivek enjoys taking his Harley for a spin during the weekends.

Dr. Arun Surendran

Operations Consultant

Dr. Arun Surendran returned to India in 2011 after a decade in Texas where he obtained his Masters and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the Texas A&M University. His association with the Al Adrak group began as the Strategic Director of the Trinity College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram.

Since 2012, he has been involved in the operations of Al Adrak as a regular onsite and remote consultant. Dr. Arun's experience with student leadership since school days and during his BTech at IIT-Bombay have stood him in good stead in business management with innovative and effective solutions.

An avid follower of traditional art forms like the Kathakali, Chakyakoothu and Koodiyattam, he is a theater enthusiast who also dabbles in poetry, short fiction and narrative essays.

Riyas Mohammed

Operations Manager - General Administartion & MEP

Riyas Mohamed's family comes from the pristine, lush hamlet of Cherunniyoor near Varkala in Kerala. He graduated with a BTech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Mar Athanasius College of Engineering Kothamangalam in 2004. The fact that his father, brother-in-law, sister and uncle are all electrical engineers made his career choice easy. After a short stint at Kerala State Electricity Board as Assistant Engineer, where he gained hands on experience in maintenance of generating station, substation, protection relays and testing of power equipment, on November 6, 2005, he joined Al Adrak as a project engineer.

Over the decade, Riyas Mohamed rose in the ranks to become project coordinator, department coordinator, project manager, department manager to the current position as Operations Manager of General Administrator & MEP. Riyas was actively involved in several illustrious and demanding projects like KOM3, KOM 4, CCWS-SCADA System,Bait Al Reem , Sohar University and CBO Tier IV data centers.

Riyas is married to Sajida Salam whose is an IT engineer, and the couple are blessed with two sons. His hobbies include music, driving, cars, surfing news, business and car portals and electronic gadgets.

For three years in a row, Riyas was adjudged best employee of the company. He has been instrumental in formulating the working of SPINE, IDEAS, Insight Magazine and is an active member at SMART, Toastmaster club and CGT/entertainment committees.

Joseph Thampan

Operations Manager - Business Development

Joseph Thampan joined Al Adrak in December 2007 as Commercial Manager. With a Masters in Construction Management, Joseph specializes in hospitality, training and development, CRM and project management. During his tenure in Al Adrak he spearheaded several projects like La Mer, Villa at Amerat, Commercial Building at Ghala and the prestigious Military Training College.

A team builder and motivator, Operations Manager Joseph has been a recipient of numerous international recognitions including Scandinavian Leadership AB, Sweden, GTC-Stonebow, UK and Facilitator-LOTS.

Joseph lives with his wife, Alli Mary John, a physiotherapist at the Royal Hospital and their two daughters. He immensely enjoys traveling and outdoor sports.

Manu R V

Operations Manager - Planning & Project Control

Manu. R. V, B.Tech Civil Engineering graduate from University of Calicut in 2008, joined Al Adrak in September 2009 as a Project Engineer.

A person, who is a strong believer in the saying “Well done is better than well said” has gained immense experience with his efforts and hard work in Project Execution, Planning, Scheduling and Controlling in a very short span of time. He has got lots of appreciations and recognitions from the management & his team for his dedication & hard work.

He was involved in the project execution and completion of Haya Head Quarters at Al Ansab and the prestigious Military Technical College. Presently the Operations Manager - Planning and Projects Control he heads the departments under Planning & Projects Control.

He is living with his wife Ancy.
​He keeps the passion in reading & learning.

Anup Kutty

GM - Insight

Anup Kutty grew up in the historic town of Pandalam in Kerala. After completing his BTech degree in Civil, Anup Kutty has accumulated an experience of 17 years specializing in project management and structural engineering.

A valued member of the Al Adrak family since 2007, Anup has held the positions of Project Manager, Planning Manager, Deputy General Manager for Planning and Audits, before his current position as the General Manager of Design & Build division.

Anup was actively involved in the CCWS project at Sohar port. Since 2008, his expertise has been tapped for the planning and audit of all the projects. Anup lives with his wife and daughter and enjoys reading and computer programming in his free time.

Valavoor Prathapan

DGM Finance

With 35 years of experience in the field of finance, V. Prathapan is one of the firm pillars of strength for Al Adrak. He comes from Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala and had already amassed 8 years of experience when he joined Al Adrak way back in 1995.

Currently the DGM - Finance, accounts and finance are his forte. Of the 3 vital Ms of the company namely Money, Material and Manpower, Prathapan holds the key to the first one.

His family consists of wife and an engineer daughter. An avid sportsman, it is usual to see Prathapan setting the badminton court on fire in the evenings after work.

Ajith Kumar

DGM - Purchase

The son of a commercial electrical inspector with the Tamil Nadu electricity board, obtaining a BE in Electrical & Electronics Engineering seemed the natural choice for Ajith. He worked for a year with Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and two years with Profin Engineers Pvt Ltd before joining Al Adrak in April 2002. Over the past decade, Ajith has been an active participant in many key projects like MOHE HQ, Al Seeb Stadium, Waljat College, MAM Signal School and East Engineering College at Sultan Qaboos University. With expertise in technical and price negotiation of MEP long lead materials, Ajith now serves as the DGM-Purchase.

A cricket fan, Ajith lives with his wife and daughter and enjoys watching TV and surfing the net.

Krishna Kumar K

DGM-Expat Affairs

Krishna Kumar holds both a Master of Science as well as a Bachelor of Education degree. Prior to joining Al Adrak in 2002, he worked as a lecturer in RIE, Thiruvananthapuram, his home town.

During the 11 years at Al Adrak, he established several critical administrative systems. Currently holding the position of Deputy General Manager, Expat Affairs, Krishna Kumar's expertise in the verification of documents is crucial as the company undergoes expansion.

Krishna Kumar is settled in Muscat with wife Maggi, who is employed in the Assets division of Al Adrak and their two children. He loves watching cricket and listening to music. Krishna Kumar was adjudged the best employee in Administration in 2009.

Hariprasad Shetty

Manager - Post And Pre Tender (QS)

As the manager of QS, Hariprasad Shetty's immense expertise in estimation, quantity surveying and project execution benefits in the company's projects. He was instrumental in the success of the construction of Oman Gas Company's regional headquarter in Sohail and Civil Defence at Rusayl among many other projects.

Shetty joined Al Adrak in April 2002 after five years of work experience. He holds a BSc (Hons) QS and DCE degrees. Originally from Manipal in Karnataka, he lives with his wife and son in Muscat and enjoys watching current affairs.

Richard Sequira

Manager - Facility Management

Originally from Mangalore in Karnataka state of India, Richard has a wealth of international experience. For over 15 years he has been involved in many prestigious hospitality projects around the world. Before joining Al Adrak in 2007, he had worked for the Raheja group of hotels in Mumbai. Richard was the chef at Radisson Kuwait, Radisson Muscat and Hotel Fairmont in Dubai. The F&B Production/Service division at Al Adrak couldn't have a more able leader.

Richard is married with two kids and enjoys dabbling in the stock market besides reading and music. He is an opening member of Al-Hashemi-II, the Guinness record holder for longest wooden ship and the Dubai Fairmont.

Adv. Arun Amruthakumar

Manager Contracts

Arun received his Bachelor in Law in 2006. After a couple of years of practicing at the High Court of Kerala, he joined Seven Seas distillery as their legal officer. In May 2010, Adv. Arun came to Muscat as Contracts Manager for Al Adrak.

As the contracts manager his responsibilities include Contracts, Managing Incoming and Outgoing Correspondences, Client and Consultant discussions, Joint Venture Negotiations, Agreement Preparations, Settlement of Supplier/Subcontractor payments, Advisor to the Management decisions, Litigations, Advising Contractual obligations to the Project personnel of each project and Scrutinizing and Advisory for Pre-tender and Post-tender agreements.

Arun's parents are from the beautiful village of Nedumudy in Alapuzha, now settled in Ernakulam. His younger brother is the manager of Muscat Crown Plaza restaurant with a degree in business management from Cardiff University. Arun enjoys driving and photography. He received the company's Outstanding Performance Award in 2010.

Bejoy G

Manager - Audits & IT

From Kozhikode district in Kerala, Bejoy holds CA inter as well as a Masters in Computer Management. Prior to joining Al Adrak in 2008, he was as a programmer and technical consultant in Bangalore and Dubai. He was the center head for Tata Infotech and office associate for NAFFCO Dubai. He also gained experience as Asst. Manager of Accounts for Malabar Gold group.

At Al Adrak, Bejoy's expertise and experience as an internal auditor fuels the Audit & IT departments.

His wife works for the revenue department of the Kerala government. The couple is blessed with a young daughter and baby son. Bejoy enjoys music in his free time.

Mathai T

Senior Site Coordinator

Mathai T, lovingly called Mathiachan, has been with Al Adrak since the date of inception. As the first employee, he has seen the rise of the company and has been instrumental, along with CED Dr. Thomas Alexander, in ensuring that quality is always the focus of the company.

Today Mathiachan takes the lead in training the site staff so that they can seamlessly fit into the Al Adrak way of execution. He also plays the crucial role of quality inspector to guarantee that every day at every site, only the best possible method of doing things is adopted.

Mathiachan is proud that his son, John, is also an engineer at Al Adrak, the company that he helped build.

Core Strengths


A rare industry blend of in-house capability to handle 100-percent construction requirements reducing dependability on third party suppliers and ensuring control on quality and timely delivery.

Highly skilled workforce with the ability to construct and deliver Civil Structures and MEP Services for a volume of over half a million square meters annually.

State of the art technology and innovation driven engineering team that delivers the latest services.

Ability to mobilize and operate with an onsite facility of 2500 workforce within 4 weeks anywhere in The Sultanate of Oman.

Extensive Plant and machinery inventory to cater to any construction requirement maintaining one of the largest fleets in the sector.

Robust onsite Concrete Batching Plants with transit mixers, trucks and concrete pumps ensure extreme efficiency.

Formwork and scaffolding inventory for over 200,000 meter square including proprietary solutions.

Coordinated Logistics and Inventory Management that guarantees availability of materials and resources.

Solid financial base and proven track record of fulfilling commitments to clients, bankers, suppliers and employees that has earned the industry’s admiration.

Cutting-Edge Technology

PERI and DOKA form works in the inventory for faster and reliable construction.

Post Tension Design and execution for slabs and columns to increase reliability, efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Dependable Design Check Capability with Stad Pro, Etabs and Revit for Structures, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.

Advanced IT & Communication Technology ensures connectivity between HO and all field locations via Wimax, VPN, VSAT, Nawars Business Solutions, BlackBerry Services and ERP(Axpert) & MIS applications.

Surveillance and monitoring solutions including IVMS, attendance registering solutions to ensure that we stay closer when we go further.

Use of proven project management and execution tools like Primavera, Auto CAD, Revit, Civil 3D, CAD RC & Candy for Quality output and Timely delivery.

Signature Projects

Military Technical College

Fastest construction project in Oman
- 125,000 Sqm area built in one year
- PT slab design and district cooling system 2500 Ton.

Facility Building at KOM

Tallest Building Structure in Oman with unique elliptical profile.
Mutli purpose facility building with hotel rooms.
Conference facilities.
Office space and restaurants.


Largest Private University in Oman - EPC Project
Engineering College, Management College
-Lecture complex
-Library, laboratory and auditorium.

Central Bank of Oman

World class Data Center and Vault facility
Tier IV Data Center, 5.5 Mtr floor height
Bomb proof Currency Vault and security system
Dual 13 MW power and 2500 Ton cooling system


Largest diameter water distribution piping system in Oman
- 2.2 Mtr dia GRP pipe cooling water distribution system
spanning 24 KMs at Sohar Industrial Port


11KV Chiller Plant - EPC Project
Tunnel construction
Chiller starters and power system of 3000
Ton capacity with future expansion for 6000 Ton


Most luxurious government HQ building
- Stunning interiors, facade & offices
- 4 MW power
- 960 Ton cooling capacity


International standard football stadium
Seating capacity for 5000 spectators
4 high mast flood light creating 2000 lux


Architectural show piece at Ministries District
14000 Sqm Built up area
1250 Ton cooling and 4 MW Power Capacity


MoH Hospital in one of the difficult terrains in the country
Hospital complex with underground service tunnel linked to main building equipped with most modern hospital services


Modern, cutting edge Government office space in Muscat
Futuristic open office concept
Stunning interiors and finishes
400 Ton cooling and 2 MW power capacity


Technology Hub of Oman
50,000 Sqm built up area
Raft and PT design for cantilever structure, Structural glazing
800 Ton district cooling and 5 MW power plant


State of the art auditorium facility for MoE
- 500 seating capacity
- Latest VA system and lighting solutions


The most luxurious restaurant in town
Overall seating for 200
5 star Kitchen Facility for serving 500 people.

Public authority for Craft

The heritage and craft address of Oman
- 16,000 sqm of sculptured HQ building showcasing Omani heritage and culture
- 400 Ton cooling and 3 MW power

Allied Businesses

New Rotana Enterprises LLC

New Rotana Enterprises LLC is a part of the Al Adrak Group of companies. Which is a leading Omani engineering construction company with it's head office in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. New Rotana Enterprises LLC's Aluminium fabrication unit launched in the beginning of 2012, as an in-house service provider for the construction divisions. From concept through to execution, our clients benefited from dealing with one partner, and our in-house capabilities ensure that all services and materials are managed to ensure synergies, creating outstanding client satisfaction.

5000 Sqm Factory Built up area
200 Strength work force
Annual Production Capacity of 7500 Cft with Latest Machinery

2500 Sqm Factory Built up area
100 Strength work force
Annual Production Capacity of 500 metric ton with Latest Machinery

Backed with highly experienced & dedicated supervisory team & a full fledged design team with Design Studio equipped with latest equipment to generate high quality designs & details to match each Client`s needs & bring out quality products. The company possesses highly skilled workforce with many years of experience in the wood craft industry, every member of the carpentry team is a master of his craft. The finished product gives a fairly good idea of the amount of pride they take in their workmanship.



The Al Adrak group currently employs more than 8,000 personnel from different nationalities. Backed with the staffs years of experience and complex problem solving capabilities. Our 30,000 sq ft manufacturing unit is fully equipped with most advanced CNC machineries to provide high quality products.

The division plans to include and expand furthur to accommodate an automatic JIG line with latest technology and structural bonding facilities. Our primary focus is on architectural facade design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of aluminium unitized curtain-walls, conventional curtain walls, doors, windows, louvres, skylights, canopies, glass partitions, spider glazing and architectural metal claddings for buildings.

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Social responsibility is a core value at Al Adrak. Be it organizing blood donation drive and charity fund initiatives or supporting worthy causes, we care to be at the forefront. When hurricane Gonu affected the Sultanate, the men in yellow of Al Adrak were on the spot throughout assisting the government agencies in recovery and rebuilding effort.

Partnering in Nation Building

Public Prosecution

Qatar Embassy

Ministry of Defence

Public Authority for Craft

Training & Development

Al Adrak recognizes that in a rapidly changing world, being in tune with the latest technology and skills is the only way to success. We have ensured that our employees have access to the best training facilities to equip them to deliver their best. In-house training facilities cater to the staff with the best teachers and learning environment. Employee welfare remains a top priority. Al Adrak organizes actively contested competitions and electrifying events throughout the year for its staff.