Respected Sheikh Naman, Directors, GMs, DGMs, HODs and everyone gathered here

Good evening and very warm welcome to all,

Let me begin by thanking God Almighty for bringing us together again in this pleasant and joyful evening in this blessed land, protected by the wisdom and guidance of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, our beloved ruler.

As we live in these happy and cherished days, in our hearts, we should be grateful for this land in which we live in peace.

First of all, it is my duty to you and all those who have stood by the company since its establishment, we would like to thank all the supporters and the teams who have had a clear vision in achieving these successes that have been achieved by the company since its establishment until this moment.

The Company has always sought to be an ideal value beyond all targets in achieving financial gains, and support the process of economic development in the Sultanate, creating more job opportunities to support the nation and human beings, from this perspective, the company has been working and constantly expanding its projects since its establishment.

As part of its continued growth, the company is entering a new phase of growth this year, Preceded by a number of achievements during the last years, and has strengthened its position among the leading local companies within the various real estate and investment sectors.

It is my pleasure to talk to you this year about our achievements of 2017 and the quality we maintained at all levels during the last year.

The company has proved its worth again in various fields and its ability to continue its growth and development as one of the most successful companies in the Sultanate.

The start of Year 2017 has greeted us well with new project awarded at Duqm and other recently awarded projects gaining momentum and many projects are getting ready in the lineup for completion. We shall keep focused on the current situation and our order book is sufficient to keep all of our worthy staff and workers employed till the end of 2018.

The New Year must begin with new decisions and new plans to face the difficult times ahead. As the economic situation worsens, the cash flow hinders and the development activities diminish or almost stop, but we manage somehow with the grace of God and the support of good people around.

We decided to give extra ticket allowances and increments to worthy and genuine staff and high performers.

We made reasonable improvement in our performance and attendance since the beginning of the year, besides improving productivity and contract work on site. It’s evident that we are in the right direction and we are improving our qualities as a responsible community belonging to a responsible company.

We have declared 2017 as a year of safety and discipline and with almost everybody’s contribution and participations we achieved the same. We are happy to inform you that last year there was no site accident death. Special congrats to HSE team and their leader Mr. Iftikhar. Continue the good work

FMT & HSE department deserves special congratulations. Daily camp inspection and camp monitoring has helped to reduce the drug and alcohol usage very much. Ensure that we can cross 2018 also with same kind of discipline & accident free life.

IVMS, CCTV, gate control & our surveillance department monitored by FMT are performing very well to correct our defaulters. Thanks to Mr. Richard.

Thanks to Sreejish for maintaining reasonable discipline in OCA and Jogy for working hard to maintain the camp in good quality especially camp assets and maintenance of cabins.

Great thanks to Anup for improving the surveillance and IVMS activity and Rijo Mathew for keeping light vehicle department very active at reduced operation cost.

Special Congratulations to Vijesh – specially worked hard to maintain the MDP camp up to the expectation.

PMV department has shifted to our new land RNS with very good facilities and Mr. Biju K Mammen has taken in charge as the department head for all PMV operations.

PMV heavy vehicle department improved a lot but need to educate and increase our nationals output and must replace all expats with nationals. Thanks to Samkutty & Talib.

There were no major traffic violations or accidents in last year. Congratulations to all the vehicle users.

Ransomware attacked our servers last year. IT department has made it to the best possible data recovery and has restored most of the data. Thanks to IT team especially Mr. Bejoy G for the great effort.

We must focus on getting our final account certified within the next 2 months of handed over project. Our QS team lead by Hariprasad Shetty and Rovin are trying to ensure all our eligible rights are honored in coordination with project planning and CAD team.

Madan Gopal’s general maintenance and allied works team is doing a great job and is an example for others to follow.

Our Finance department of Al Adrak , led by our Valavoor Prathapan has managed the financial situation in the best possible way with the support of Iman, Tibi , Reji , Jikku , Prabin etc.

Our administration and HR departments lead by Mr. Mohd Kayri, Muzna, Nawaf, Krishna Kumar and Pradeep have managed the situation so well that our employees requirements were delivered in the best possible way. Also appreciating Subash Varghese for his sincere dedication in his job. Nikhil (site admin) – previous site HRHQ, currently in WPCA is very good in site administration activates and handling all admin activities of around 1200 workers.

Procurement management will become crucial for the coming days. We are sure the team lead by Ajith Kumar and supported by Naveen, Ramesh, Rineesh and Jijo Baby will take up the challenge of obtaining best prices, reduce wastage and ensure the best services and protects the interest of our company.

Our CWH department improved lot in reducing wastage, reuse of excess materials, loading and unloading of materials etc. Special congratulations to Naveen and Bijeesh.

Our contracts and legal team comprising of Adv. Arun, Adv. Easow Mathew and Adv. Sheeba have always ensured our rights are protected and congratulations to them for keeping us contractually intact. We won many cases with deep involvement and honesty of Adv. Easow Mathew. Congratulations to Adv Easow Mathew.

We have improved our efficiency in utilizing manpower, materials and machinery, which is giving us the required strength to overcome the current situation. Our quality and technical audit team needs to be thanked for this achievement, which is led by Mathai and supported by Sunny Varghese, Shiju & Rajesh.

We have completed the prestigious projects like DSTF, BPC, RPC, KMBP, KSTF, SSTF. Special thanks to Robi Philip, Rajivkanthan, Sijith V, Renji Varghese, Sheri Kurian and their project teams for the achievement.

2017 was the best period of Al Adrak and we got many projects during the year which are MDP, CPK, CRB, WPCA, CBA, ABD, ABK & additional works for NPC, ASTF, SSTF & QSTF.

Also another achievement was taking over Al Rasd contracting and its management with OWA project.

We inaugurated new site office at Nakhel crusher last year Introduced new system like movement register in all departments and sites. Based on this and audit in attendance, punching and skipping has reduced than before.

Many more nationals are doing good and they are our worthy people like Shaima (CAD), Maryam(Timekeeping) , Sailf Asalmani ,Fatima Siyabi, Nada & Marwa in Admin, Iman Siyabi in IT, Engineer Anas al Zadjali in projects, Site supervisors like Sultan in HRHQ , Saleh in SRHQ ,Salim in MDP and there are a lot of people loving our Adrak and deeply involving for our betterment.

Special greetings to our operations team for their dedication and sincerity, Sreekanth, Awasil, Huriya, Khadija, Elizabeth and Benny.

We started training by Dr. Krishna for our senior staff and engineers. By training they have become more productive, disciplined and thereby increased their level of confidence. We hope to continue to do the same to all adrak family members.

Another feather in our cap was our beloved director Mr. Aadil Thomas Alexander on being awarded Masters in construction management from Herriot-Watt University, UK

We improved a lot in many areas due to the in-depth involvement of our GMs & DGMs Mr. Riyas Mohammed, Dr. Krishna, Mr. Joseph Thampan, Mr. Hariprasad Shetty, Mr. Ajith Kumar Mr. Sunil Sasidharan, Mr Krishnakumar, Mr Prathapan and Mr. Biju K Mammen. Also I would like to appreciate Mr. Robin Babu , Mr Baby John & Mr. Sekar for their hardwork & great effort in their respective areas.

All companies are looking for deductions but we are really different from them. We distributed the possible rewards or increments to almost all our employees this year also.

In short, the entire Adrak family has all reasons to be proud of its 32-year success. We must develop ourselves as the safest place to work and discipline must be our way of life

We must participate in every level and do our work efficiently and effectively, so that we get out of this current economic situation and gain more strength.

This is the time to correct ourselves, increase our efforts and our contributions, certainly not the time to relax, all employees must respect each other and work with the right spirit and utmost dedication to succeed in their life and the company

My advice to all is: Be fair with others, "Discipline is not a position, it's a professional skill that must be developed and practiced”.

Finally, with the support of everyone, we must focus on improving our national’s productivity. This year 2018 is targeted to give more opportunities to nationals by giving proper training to develop their skills and create more output oriented employees. With more involvement of Nationals at all levels, this time CGT is going great so far and this is going to be a new start

Let us continue to be responsible Al Adrak family members.

Thanking you once again for your presence and let the celebration of togetherness, joy and success continue.

"God bless you all and our Adrak."